CLIENT Salesforce

PROJECT Connected Cities


AGENCY — Fuel Youth

Connected Cities VR is a first of its kind experience and a window into an enterprise solution to managing big city data through Virtual Reality (VR) instead of on spreadsheets or behind a desk. Using the HTC VIVE, we explored the potential future use of VR technology as a way to understand and visualize big data, and manage cities. We designed a VR backdrop of San Francisco and created a workflow where city management was visualized and interacted with in real time.

The Project

We developed a tool to better manager the civic infrastructure of expanding and growing cities worldwide. When using Connected Cities VR, users are able to quickly identify issues and analyze the health of certain municipal districts by filtering through a menu of city services in a physically and tangible way. Resolution of issues are achieved by the added advantage of using AI to determine the best possible outcome by allocating the optimal use of resources.

“…what I just saw is revolutionary for management of crisis and serious events in cities. Even Day to Day operations would be greatly enhanced by this virtual reality in the gaming sense. But I never really thought about their potential assistance in things that happen day to day. In every city across the country utilizing this technology will make people more informed… and really, knowledge is power…”

— Ed David, former Chief of Police for Boston
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