CLIENT Tend Services

PROJECT Visual Identity Design

DELIVERABLES — Branding, Web Design

TEND provides you convenience when booking recreational and luxury activities, by connecting users, and offering a full breadth of services for your peace of mind.

The Project

To position TEND in the market, VALT ran a brand discovery phase to understand what sets TEND apart. The one factor that was unique to TENDs value propositions was that it allowed customers to have services brought directly to them, never having to leave the comfort of their homes or cottages. Using negative space to create an intersecting letter “T”, we communicated the notion of luxury and convenience meeting to create a prestigious and reliable experience for the client.

To Every Need and Desire

The Concept

By identifying and defining the idea of ultimate convenience, VALT created a brand identity and developed all of TEND’s marketing products while representing the qualities of high-end luxury with a modern design sensibility. Sleek and sexy with the weight of gold and opulence, the brand becomes a polished vessel for high-end clientele to experience convenience like no other.

Digital Design

With the customer’s conveniences in mind VALT built out a booking system that handled all incoming service requests. Populating it with numerous categories all catering to the user and allowing them to book their desired times with a single click.

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